Graphic design Projects

Portfolio Week 1

The title of this post almost reminds me of my school days. This may read like something I would have written back then. What have I been up to this last week? (granted there’s still three days as of writing left in the week.) As part of the soft launch of my new site, I have been working on new pieces for my portfolio. Some are already completed, others, I am in the process creating and will share some of that as they near completion.

Refreshed Project

(Logo) Two gumdrop candies next to each other, slightly overlapped, text below reads: Gumdrop.
Gumdrop Framework logo

Starting in the summer of 2015, and hopeful to stay away from Bootstrap, Gumdrop was made to assist with creating websites that cut down on “div soup” and fully support newer standards on modern browsers. The previous ramireztime website was built using Gumdrop, and a theme was also developed for WordPress (used internally only).

A product of it’s time, Gumdrop is now an “archived” project. This doesn’t mean that it will remain archived forever. The last release is available on GitHub if you’re interested in digging around.

New Project

(Logo) Silhouette of cat and dog facing away from each other, text below reads: West End Shelter for Animals
West End Shelter for Animals logo – No color

This project is a rebrand for the West End Shelter for Animals. Part of this rebrand includes a revamped website design, as well as a seasonal newsletter layout design. More information will be available in detailed portfolio page soon™️.

You can find out more on West End Shelter here.

This concludes a small peek at what I’m working on. There is an additional two projects that I have been working on along side these two, but I will share more on those once they are closer to completion. Thanks for reading this far, stay tuned for next post!