Welcome to Outpost.

Let’s go to a place where everything is made of blocks, where the only limit is your imagination. Let’s go wherever you want to go, climb the tallest mountains, venture down to the darkest caves, build anything you want; day or night, rain or shine because this is the most significant sandbox, you’ll ever set foot in.


Connect with the Outpost Pack, Vanilla Launcher, or most Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

Outpost Events

Market Place


Gather your goods and visit The Market Place to sell, trade, and buy. Check in-game for dates and locations.

DynMap is here!

Available now

Explore the world of Outpost 28 from a new perspective. Locate biomes and other players online. New layer views will be available soon.

Build Contest #1


Participate in the overworld build contests for unique prizes and diamonds. All participants will be compensated for their creations.


Heads Up! RTO Tweaks is currently not working properly for Minecraft 1.19.3, an update will be available soon.

Outpost Pack v1.3.0

The recommended way to experience Outpost 28. Supports Optifine features and shaders, while improving game performance. Built for MultiMC

RTO Tweaks v4.0

A tweaked vanilla-style resource pack for Outpost 28. Download for personal use or tweaks. This pack downloads when joining the server.

RTO Tweaks (Bedrock)

RTO Tweaks 4 but for Bedrock editions of the game! Note this pack will auto download when joining Outpost 28. Download for personal use.

Other resources

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Looking for Optifine to improve your gameplay performance? Download on the official site linked here.

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List of Shaders

This list is a one-stop shop for Optifine and Iris compatible shader packs. You’ll need to add it to your ‘shaders’ folder.

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Modded Minecraft

Currently there are no plans for a modded server due to the unstable nature of mods for Fabric and Forge.

In the future there may be some news to share, stay tuned.

World Downloads

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Outpost 27

World download (Zip format)

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Minimal Mek S2

World download (Zip format)

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Outpost 26

World download (Zip format)

Additional Worlds

Note that not all RTOnline worlds are available here. As more are discovered and uploaded, they will be made available, as-is, for your own use.

These may or may not have required mods, resource packs, or version of Minecraft they need to work properly.

Frequently Asked

What is Outpost 28?

Outpost (and specifically, Outpost 28) is a series of semi-vanilla Minecraft servers run under RTOnline since 2012. Outpost 28 is the latest iteration of these servers running under the latest update of Minecraft, 1.20.x.

Allow List, can I invite…?

With Outpost 28, you are able to invite friends of friends onto the server, note however, that they will need to provide the in-game name to be added to the server allow list. RTOnline reserves the right to enable/disable the allow list, restrict access to, and ban players from the server.

Can I download the world?

Previous world downloads are available under the “World Downloads” section above. Note that the current Outpost 28 world will not be available till September/October of 2023.

What is the Outpost Pack?

The Outpost Pack is a Fabric mod pack that enables proximity voice chat in-game, compatibility with Optifine features and shaders, and improves performance for the game overall. It is the recommended way to experience Outpost 28, however any recent Minecraft client can connect.