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An Update.

March 25, 2020 Ramireztime

Hello folks. Apologies for the absence of posts lately, but due to the on-going situation I have not been focusing on here as much. I’m sure many are tired of this “year long” month and are looking forward to warmer months. Please stay safe and abide to the “Safer at Home” directives that local and… Read more

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IRL, Wk 9

March 4, 2020 Ramireztime

It is Wednesday my dudes. AAAAAAAAAAH! What happened last week! Due to some slightly planned outings and a small rain storm, I was unable to type out this past week’s overview. However, I will bring up some notable mentions that occurred. On Monday, I spent a better part of the morning watching a Celebration of… Read more

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Holt&Euclid — Insight #1

February 28, 2020 Ramireztime

Welcome to the first insight “development log” for Holt&Euclid, a new website framework/WordPress theme. The project’s ultimate goal is to fully replace the current Ramireztime website and shift away from static pages.

IRL, Wk 8

February 23, 2020 Ramireztime

As the second month of 2020 inches towards its end, what was I up to this past week? I would like to apologize in advance if Monday is quite long winded, I was trying something new this week. If it’s not clear, I abandoned that format around the middle of the week. Let me know… Read more

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Spring Reads

February 21, 2020 Ramireztime

Reading is an activity that I always enjoy and cherish. Books are portals into the worlds created by authors or created by our former selves. These are the books that I am currently reading.

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