Bit by Bit

App Design

Bit by bit is a language learning application for use in schools, designed for the Apple iPad. It's developed up to the interactive prototype stage, which was presented to the client for the purposes of showing them how Bit by Bit functions. I was the sole designer of Bit by Bit, with exception of the typography, which is Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky, and the iconography, which comes from the Segoe UI font by Steve Matteson.


I was tasked with tailoring the app for special needs students from the start. This meant that I had to take into consideration various factors and craft an experience that all students, including those with special needs, could enjoy. I based Bit by Bit on other apps of similar quality, like Dulingo, but also drew inspiration from professional software suites, like Rosetta Stone.

Mood board

Bit by Bit moodboard, includes screenshots of other apps, colors, and typography.
Fig. 1 — Mood board overview

Colors and typography were the most important aspect of this project because students would interact with these often. The colors chosen for Bit by Bit are high in contrast and provide contextual awareness to elements students can interact with or simply read. The type chosen, Montserrat, provides heavy and bold letters that are easy to distinguish, making them extremely legible.


This is a set of wireframes detailing the app's login screens.
Fig. 2 — Wireframe 1 of 4
This is a set of wireframes detailing the app's student screens and dashboard.
Fig. 3 — Wireframe 2 of 4
This is a set of wireframes detailing the app's test screens and various other elements.
Fig. 4 — Wireframe 3 of 4
This is a set of wireframes detailing various app elements and quiz screens.
Fig. 5 — Wireframe 4 of 4

Project Deliverable

This is a mockup of Bit by Bit app screens.
Fig. 6 — App screen mockups
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