Gumdrop 3

HTML & CSS Framework

Developed originally for personal use in mind, Gumdrop is a small framework for crafting sweet looking websites. It comes with pre-built components that allow users to quickly build production ready sites. I was the sole designer and coder, with exception of the typefaces, which are Segoe UI by Steve Matteson, Frutiger by Adrian Frutiger, and Helvetica by Max Miedinger. Not all typefaces are used, instead they serve as alternates for the base typeface if it not available on the system that the framework is rendered on. Last but not least, the Font awesome team provided Iconography.


What makes Gumdrop easier than other frameworks is that it’s built for the modern web. This means that it will take full advantage of the latest and greatest browsers and the code base is interoperable between all major browser vendors. Gumdrop is also written in SASS, which essentially allows for a developer to quickly customize all of Gumdrop, from padding, font sizes, and color.

Infographic Resume
Fig. 1 — Mood board
Infographic Resume
Fig. 2 — Gumdrop UI Kit (in-development)

Designers can also utilize the UI kit and build great sites using Gumdrop components.

Project Deliverable

Gumdrop is available in a minified format ready for use. Developers can also fork the source less files to create their own version. Gumdrop v3 will be followed by v4 sometime in late 2016 and will be available on Github.

Overview of Gumdrop rendered on multiple devices.
Fig. 3 — Gumdrop framework site rendered on multiple devices.
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