App + Campaign

This project is a conceptual app design and marketing materials for Omnitrans, a mass transit agency serving the Inland Empire of Southern California. This app builds on the updated branding for the agency, connecting users and engaging them more with the brand that the previous app. The app's feature set was also reworked to make sense of what the app is really about, connecting communities, which just so happens to be the Omnitrans slogan.


Like any other project, defining the goals of this new app were vital to it's success. The new Omnitrans app had to be persistant, enjoyable, and most importantly, fast. Commuters could not stand around and wait for the information to load on their screens. I drew inspriation from the simplicity of mass transit signage. These category of infographic signage is beautiful in it's way of condensing information into "digestable bits" commuters could glance at and go.

Partial Omnitrans mood board consisting of type, color, and imagery of mass transit signage.
Fig. 1 — Mood board


This set of wireframes details various Omnitrans features.
Fig. 2 — Wireframe 1 of 2
This set of rough comps (hand rendered) shows the original homescreen as well as navigational elements.
Fig. 3 — Wireframe 2 of 2

Project Deliverable

Omnitrans app rendered on iPhone 6S.
Fig. 4 — Omnitrans app rendered on iPhone 6S.
Launch Invision Demo