Design Team Production Wk1

This was the first week of the Fall Quarter, and also the first meeting of Design Team: Production. Over the next eleven (11) weeks, I’ll be detailing my process of creating various brand identity solutions for OnTap Barbershop, located in Ontario, California. These include stationary, a website, and a social media campaign.I am part of JAN Designs, a team of three: Jamie, Nathan, and myself. We had collected research on our client, OnTap Barbershop in our previous class, Design Team: Pre-production and developed a solution for them. In this class, we will execute said solution and will hopefully present it to the client on or after Week 11.

This week, our team decided on our schedule for the next 10 weeks, located below. This week’s task is to create a style tile for what we feel OnTap Barbershop should emit, based on their existing logo, physical place of business, and business cards. Since my team is made up of three people, myself included, we will produce three (3) style tiles for the client. Next week we will share our design ideas and overall vision for the website.

Initial schedule for OnTap Barbershop Project
Initial schedule for OnTap Barbershop Project

In addition to a style tile, I was given complete control over managing the website’s code and it’s assets, although my team members will have input and feedback at every step. I look forward to the next ten weeks.