GumDrop – Fun for all

After nearly a week of bug fixing and finalizing several core components, I’m quite happy to announce GumDrop, a HTML5-ready, CSS3 framework for the modern web. Build websites using semantic code and spend less time worrying about what div goes where, unlike other frameworks. GumDrop allows anyone to quickly turn any “bare-bones” html file into a treat!

Being the first release, GumDrop may seem a bit “bare-bones”, but that’s the point. Other CSS frameworks are bulky and don’t offer many customization options, and some are bogged down by deprecated browser supports and “hacks”. GumDrop is a new framework written from scratch that offers the best support for modern browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you’re looking for “legacy support” you won’t find much of that here* (for a reason).

GumDrop in Microsoft Edge
GumDrop running in Microsoft Edge

GumDrop features
•   Flexbox “Grid” system
•   Cards
•   Typography **
•   Colors **
•   Navigation **
•   Form styles **
•   Button styles **
•   Responsive image support

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more progress on GumDrop and will make a public release available. Some upcoming features for v0.2 include more pre-built card styles, refined input styles (they’re a bit wonky at the moment), and improved spacing throughout. Other TBD features include SASS support. Let me know what you think of GumDrop or if you’re interested in testing it out. Thanks.

* GumDrop is not meant for sites that require “legacy support” for older browsers. Most [sane] users should be on modern browsers in modern operating systems. If you require “legacy support”, try Bootstrap 3 🙂

** These styles are not permanent and you are able to change them via your external stylesheet. You are free to use GumDrop as is however, I wouldn’t choose those colors if I didn’t want to look at them.