Soft launch: site v3.0

Hello there. If you’re new, welcome! If you’re a returning visitor, welcome back! Over ten years ago, I was not sure what I’d do with this domain. Honestly, still not sure what I’m doing with this domain, but I want to welcome you to the new site (and blog).

My blog, known as “The Log” since last year, has remained mostly unchanged. As in posts will come at random times. They may or not be related to any existing post, or could be a series of posts. They may even just be a collection of thoughts with no structure (not sure on this one). 😅

Over the month of August I plan on releasing information and insights on projects I’m working on and new portfolio pieces. Many may come as short blurbs or posts on The Log, but once project near completion, they may be featured (write up and all) under the Portfolio page.

The portfolio page is currently locked behind a password for the time being as there’s still a few things I need to polish before full launch. Thanks for understanding and can’t wait to share what’s next.

3 replies on “Soft launch: site v3.0”

Words cannot describe how well this site takes me away from all the problems I have. Truly a wonderful project well done. 10/10, would peruse again

The site is so user friendly! Easy to navigate and so well made! Also agree with what Kiki said.

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