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Design Team Production Wk5-10 [FINAL]

The past 5 weeks have been very productive as the JAN Design team has been busy at work with On Tap Barbershop in Ontario. My teammates, Jaime and Nathan were responsible for print collateral, which included redesigned business cards and letterhead, a direct mailer with giftcards, and several billboard campaign ideas. Alongside, we also redesigned the website, which is much better than what they previously had.

“Client” refers to On Tap Barbershop

In the previous four weeks, we had assessed where we were in terms of last quarter’s “Design Team Pre-Production” class. Our intent did not change from the previous class, but instead we were suggested to add additional solutions for our client. Some of these included starting a promotional YouTube channel so our client could feature events held on location, as well as open the possibility to sponsored videos in the future. We did mention it to our client but did not actually start the channel for them.

For the website, we had started wire-framing around week 3, and really picked up the┬ápace going into week 4. Our team developed three style tiles (visual “mood boards” that show possible color and typography choices for a website) and also created mobile first designs for the site’s overall layout. Between weeks 5 and 6, we consolidated our wireframes and style tiles, with input from our client, into the final site design. Over the course of the next four weeks (6-9), I coded the new On Tap Barbershop website to match our mockups, using the GumDrop framework.


The end result of our project is included below, as noted earlier print collateral credits are given to Jamie and Nathan, as well as partial credit in designing the website. I am relieved that we could complete this project within our timeline and were also able to present it to the client.