IRL, Wk 9

It is Wednesday my dudes. AAAAAAAAAAH! What happened last week! Due to some slightly planned outings and a small rain storm, I was unable to type out this past week’s overview. However, I will bring up some notable mentions that occurred.

On Monday, I spent a better part of the morning watching a Celebration of Life, the memorial telecast for Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the 7 others who perished when the helicopter they were traveling in crashed. It was a touching ceremony with many celebrities paying their respect and mourning those who were lost. Tuesday’s highlight was a trip to BevMo. I picked up some provisions for a live-stream I hosted in my room with some friends later in the week.

Wednesday and Thursday, honestly, not a clue what happened those days other than some work I started on Holt & Euclid. I was able to compile some ideas and create a mood board for the overall scope of the project. (I will be detailing this in a future post, so stay tuned).


Friday. Friday was quite interesting. Diego brought his entire setup to stream Super Smash Bros off his Switch. It took roughly 20 minutes to get it all set up, then another hour to troubleshoot the software that was borked after an update. Emmanuel arrived and soon after we were up and running. Here’s the VOD of the night.

We had also ordered food from Door Dash around 1:30 am. Our food was delivered around 2 am. To our surprise, the next morning, I discovered that our purchase was refunded even though our food had arrived and the order was correct. Thanks Door Dash?


I usually don’t wake up hungover, so this Saturday was no different to my usual Saturdays. I spent this day kind of cleaning up from last night, but then went out with a good friend and former co-worker, Juan, to buy some new equipment for his home office. We must have dropped $600 at Best Buy, but he was able to acquire a decent laptop, AIO printer, two subscription services (HP Instant Ink and Microsoft Office), and a Roku TV stick. Of course, I was happy to set it all up. New tech is always fun to unbox and get it all up and running.

What happens Sundays? I’ll be sure to include Sundays real soon. I need to work on jotting things down and remembering what I did. 😅 Stay tuned!